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A Performance and Pedagogical Exploration of 

Quinze Études de Rythme pour Trombone

by Marcel Bitsch

Dr. Jessica Hawthorne, May 2019

“This comprehensive study of five selected etudes

by Bitsch is designed to serve both the trombone student and collegiate studio professor.

As a result, the student can find solutions to

common rhythmic, technical, and musical obstacles,

while the teacher can use this practical method to

engage all aspects of the student’s learning

in a creative way within the context of the etudes.”

  • 5 of the 15 original etudes, transcribed

  • 5 lead sheets

  • explanations of the composition's harmonic and rhythmic elements

  • ideas for improvement on technical obstacles

  • ways teachers can play with the student, helping their harmonic, rhythmic, and musical understanding

  • suggestions for creating your own duets from the etudes

Listen to the etudes!

Bitsch Etude No. 1 - Jessica Hawthorne
Bitsch Etude No. 3 - Jessica Hawthorne
Bitsch Etude No. 4 - Jessica Hawthorne
Bitsch Etude No. 10 - Jessica Hawthorne

Read the paper!

Performed by Dr. Jessica Hawthorne

Recorded by Ron Keck    

Edited by Bryan Kennard

Mastered by Carlos Mata-Alvarez

Special thanks to:

Timothy Conner

Dr. Aaron Tindall

Gabriel Beavers

Nancy Zavac

Bitsch Etude No. 14 - Jessica Hawthorne
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